Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fashion Victims

It occurs to me that the reason why two-thirds of what passes for "fashion" these days sucks is that it is basically a reflection of what a gay man thinks is sexy.

Now, as a veteran fag-hag, I bow to no one in my respect for the gay community. However I do feel that most of the fashion I see is just modified drag-queen or exaggerated male fantasy filtered through estrogen.

I don't want to look skanky or as fashion-victim-y as Jessica Parker (seriously who wears those outfits either in real life or as Carrie?) but over and over we see these "edgy" and "fierce" fashion "editorials" that look interesting but rarely wearable.

I love to watch ANTM and Project Runway but I regularly disagree with the judges because while they have "fashion sense" they regularly fail to have good taste. And that's important because like-it-or-not, these people will dictate what is available to purchase but their failure to have good taste limits what is available for the other 99% of us to purchase. Seriously, while it might fly in NYC or LA, what woman is going to go to her office or place of business in a suit covered in zippers and taffeta?

And I swear to goodness if I see another 80s reference in clothing being treated as "new", I'm gonna slap someone.

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