Monday, June 7, 2010

Bad Politician Bad 06-07

President Obama Job Approval

Obama Asks Supreme Court to Overturn Napolitano-Endorsed Immigration Law

PJTV Video (Trifecta) - America: Enforce the Laws or Take it Off the Books!

Barack Obama Ignores D-Day Anniversary – Goes to Theatre Party

Ax the hacks, Bam Get rid of White House political office

So how's that workin' for you now, BO? Obama 2008: I ran a big campaign, so I can handle a Gulf emergency

How Washington Just Worsened the Gulf Oil Spill. President Obama made BP’s problem worse, and in so doing has worsened the problems facing not only the administration but also the unfortunate residents of the Gulf of Mexico.

PJTV Video (Front Page With Allen Barton) - Big, Big Government: Can Anything Reduce the Size or Scope of Power?

More Obama change to believe in: Americans now see him as a partisan Democrat

Democrats Acting More Partisan than Republicans

Open revolt: are disgruntled Democrat insiders sabotaging the Obama administration?

Dude, you are no longer campaigning. Shut up and do your job. - Barack Obama shows you how to call in to radio shows to voice your support for Elena Kagan.

Holder must go - Eric Holder's Two Standards

Let's see if they have the balls to use those tools - Republicans still have tools to keep the heat on White House about job offers

40 years after 1st win, NY Rep. Rangel runs again. Rangel is one of what I call the Congressional Crypt-Keepers. He's been in office for too long and has got to go.

Timing of probe is crucial for Charlie Rangel
If the ethics committee releases a damaging report on Rangel before the Sept. 14 primary, it could be a death blow to the Harlem congressman’s storied career and open the door to a serious Democratic challenge, Democratic colleagues and party strategists said.

But if the ethics committee’s findings come out after the primary, Rangel will very likely survive and win a 21st term in the House. Still, that timing would raise questions about the ethics committee’s process and whether the investigative panel was too aware of the political calendar.

Be afraid, be very afraid. Election spooks lawmakers, curbs Congress spending

Running scared Congress doesn't want to spend? Oh my!

A small regional party

Big States Dilute Tea-Party Strength Without More Cash and Organization, Movement May Be Unable to Repeat Small-Market Victories I think the authors of this article might want to look at the chart contained in the post above.

Yes: Candidates Will Have to Appeal to Independents

The Sestak Affair Will Not Go Away

Incumbents Fight for Political Life, Newcomers Eyeing Victory in Tuesday Elections

Race of the Day: Taking OR-5

The most important political race in America?

Democrats Skip Town Halls to Avoid Voter Rage Cowards! You work for us and your bosses would like to have a word.

Milk Carton Democrats in Congress still avoiding constituents

Speaking truth to power – New Jersey style

A three-fer! Unions are hurting our economy. Unions have evolved into thugocracies. And Unions attempt to puppeteer politicians. Pols turn on labor unions (Talk about biting the hand that feeds their political ambitions.) And by the way, Unions were amazing at protecting workers from horrible working conditions in turn-of-the-century factories. Amen. However, how dangerous is it to work for the federal government that they need a union?

Obama brings Nixonian twist to oil spill

The Oil Leak and the Blame Game: Déjà vu All Over Again

Gov't fails latest test of trust in Gulf

We'll see. Pelosi's Loss Could Be Obama's Gain. A pivot to the center (and re-election) would be easier without the House speaker. Pelosi is an evil old cow but Obama is never going to go to the center. And nobody's gonna win nothin' without an economic turn around and elevated employement.

No Worse Friend, No Better Enemy

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