Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gulf Disaster 06-09

Once a government pet, BP now a capitalist tool That's a lie.
BP has more Democratic lobbyists than Republicans. It employs the Podesta Group, co-founded by John Podesta, Obama’s transition director and confidant. Other BP troops on K Street include Michael Berman, a former top aide to Vice President Walter Mondale; Steven Champlin, former executive director of the House Democratic Caucus; and Matthew LaRocco, who worked in Bill Clinton’s Interior Department and whose father was a Democratic congressman. Former Republican staffers, such as Reagan alumnus Ken Duberstein, also lobby for BP, but there’s no truth to Democratic portrayals of the oil company as an arm of the GOP.

Two patterns have emerged during Obama’s presidency: 1) Big business increasingly seeks profits through more government, and 2) Obama nonetheless paints opponents of his intervention as industry shills. BP is just the latest example of this tawdry sleight of hand

Rolling Stone: Deepwater blew and Obama knew That's gonna hurt BO with the young ones.

This is incompetence on a whole unfathomable level - Breaking: Miles of Oil Containment Boom in Warehouse- Just Sitting- Waiting For BP or US to Collect (Video!) I'm gonna say it, I miss George Bush.

Scapegoating has become a hallmark of this administration

EPA’s Global Warming Power Grab is Now About Oil Spills?

BP Oil Spill: Scientists Refute Obama's 3-Year Cleanup Prediction Instapundit's take - "But as noted earlier, the Persian Gulf recovered from the massive oil spills in the Gulf War faster than expected."

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