Sunday, June 6, 2010

Daily Round-Up 06-06

My husband talked about this as a rumor going around DC back in 2003/4. This could be a huge vindication of the Bush Administration if even remotely true! Satellite Photos Support Testimony That Iraqi WMD Went to Syria.

After an explosion, deaths, and months of oil spewing into the Golf, 12% more people want the health care reform law repealed than are opposed to new offshore drilling.

I've been wondering why the old bat hasn't been forcibly shown the door for years now. Watch her spout racism and then take this PJTV Poll. Helen Thomas Survey - from PJTV Vile old hag. AND Helen Needs To Go!

BREAKING - Thomas gets dropped by agency Good. Let's see if the White House and the NYT has the balls to drop her as well.

FANTASTIC - Helen Thomas has been carrying a grudge against the Jews ever since she got dumped by King Herod

Eminent Domain is wrong. Hudson River Tunnel pushes businesses out of its way

The Forgotten Rachels

D-Day: When Dems and the N.Y. Times Prayed for America

Apollo 13, the Gulf Oil Spill, and BP. NASA's response to Apollo accidents was objective, based on science and engineering, and above all immediate. That's not the case with British Petroleum and the Obama administration.

Census Reminder: Most Obama Jobs are Temporary Jobs

Runaway Census Cost Is Frightening Preview of True Obamacare Price Tag

Government Created 10x More Jobs than Private Sector in May

Census Bureau makes changes after sex offender hired

Aging Baby Boomers and the Generational Housing Bubble: Foresight and Mitigation of an Epic Transition

Unions Battle Reform in GOP Stronghold

The U.S. Economy Needs Fewer Public School Jobs, Not More Those darn unions ruin every economy.

Higher education's bubble is about to burst

What price Christie? part 3

They were expecting a "rebound"?!? Oil slick, joblessness may stymie Dems' rebound

President Obama Job Approval

Polls: Obama at 48 percent approval at 500 day mark

YES, YES, YES. A thousand times yes. Did 2008 Democratic primary voters underestimate value of experience?

Barbara Boxer Fights For Her Political Life in California Personally, I hope her career is buried six feet down with a stake driven threw its heart but that's just me being all metaphorical and such. (She was rude to my husband so she doesn't deserve to have a political career anymore.) Quote from Video - "She's seen as increasingly out of touch and elitist by the voters of this state."

Here's another doofus - Congressman Phil Hare Fails With Vets and Threats

With DoJ threatening prosecution, Obama slams BP for ‘lawyering up’ Is it idiocy or arrogance that Obama would do this. I say a little of both.

Obama's motto: It's all about me

Gee I wonder why? Obama loses the Left: suddenly, it's cool to bash Barack
Europe still worships him and Washington's Obamatrons remain smitten, but former supporters are turning on the President

Been saying this since '08 - Slick talk aside, O's just not up to the job

The feminist left’s mission to demonize Palin I thought it was all about being free to make choices in life but apparently if you make the "wrong" choice, they demonize you. These dino-libs can go *** themselves.

Where is your eco-savior now? Obama Under Fire for Backing Deal to Lift Global Ban on Commercial Whaling

Murkowski Resolution Could Block EPA Power Grab

What Obama didn’t tell us about energy

Hey. Do you think the sun could effect the Earth? You know, like warm it or something? As the Sun Awakens, NASA Keeps a Wary Eye on Space Weather

Food Nazis. I hate Food Nazis. (Well, I hate all forms of Nazism from socialism on up) The crusade against the Happy Meal

Watching California Wind Power Output

More Political Climate Science

The Western Watersheds Project’s Assault on Family Ranchers. The WWP's ultimate goal is to destroy families and a way of life with absolutely no regard for the economic or human cost.

$13,050,826,460,886.97 We will be paying the price of our outlandish debt for generations

America’s Deficit Spending Addiction. The chart is scary.

US employment report sparks global recovery fears

Disturbing Job Ads: 'The Unemployed Will Not Be Considered'

Obama’s Gulf of Energy Tax Illogic

In essence our DoJ is challenging AZ on laws that are almost exact copies of the immigration laws the DoJ is supposed to be enforcing itself. Hope for change. Justice Dept. Challenges Arizona Over Other Immigration Law Targeting Employers

Assessing the Chrysler Bankruptcy

Stay classy Kagan - Second Document Has Kagan Defending Clinton Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Veto

Ya think? Joran Van der Sloot, suspected of killing 2 women 5 years apart, likely a 'serial killer': official

This drummer is awesome! Just watch and marvel from HotAir (here)

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