Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Daily Round-Up 06-09

Itsa comin' - The June 8 elections: A verdict on incumbents, unions, and Democrats

Unions defend failed gambit to topple Lincoln

That's my gal - Palin's backing pays off for pals

Well, it was an excellent rant - The transformative power of Rick Santelli's rant

Gotta love that liberal, peace-loving left - Rabbi Receives Death Threats Over Helen Thomas Video

This is incompetence on a whole unfathomable level - Breaking: Miles of Oil Containment Boom in Warehouse- Just Sitting- Waiting For BP or US to Collect (Video!) I'm gonna say it, I miss George Bush.

Shhh, Thomas Sowell is speaking - The Real Public Service. It was Thomas Edison who brought us electricity, not the Sierra Club. Reminder, the Seirra Club has a history of supporting eugenics programs and restricting immigration.

In Emissions Battle, Automakers Pitted Against Miners, Farmers, Timber, and a Host of Politicians

What Happened to Feminism? Republican Women on the Rise

Please, Newsweek. Stop with the Fake Chivalry Because we chicks are way tougher than you. Remember, the side with the protest babes always wins.

Nice history lesson from Alan Snyder - Paine vs. Jay: Patriots in Contrast

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