Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Daily Round-Up 06-08


Leave Wal-Mart alone. My kids wouldn't have half their clothes without Wal-Mart! (And they don't have that many clothes to begin with.) Anti-Wal-Mart Astroturf

Stalin statue in Virginia a huge bust. This is so disgusting and what really nauseates is that the Martin Luther King Memorial is in trouble! Donate here to help!

Well. Good. DuPont wins USDA approval for new soybean trait that could broaden uses AND Paper industry tests genetically altered trees

Freer Trade is Key to a Cleaner Environment and Green Growth Wealth = clean. Let's help poor countries become wealthier and clean the earth.

In related news, Ashton Kutcher is a tool. Ashton Kutcher Blames Oil Spill on RNC Convention Speakers but he drives this. Could someone please send him a rock to crawl back under?

He's probably not there now. Osama bin Laden and top aides are hiding in Sabzevar, Iran

Actually, Elton John had a great time at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding

Obama Threatens to Beat Up Gulf Coast 'Cause he's so tough and all. Maybe he'll take Bill Maher's advice and thug-out.

WH staffers having oil nightmares So are we all, dumb asses, so are we all.

Mosque and State: The Greater Implications of the 9/11 Islamic Center. There is an already existing mosque near the WTC site. Why can't they simply renovate that? To me, that is perfectly acceptable. And for those who can't understand why this is a big deal, imagine if a Christian group built a 15-story church in the middle of Baghdad and called it the Knights Templar House. How do you think that would go down? Anger in NYC Over Proposed Ground Zero Mosque Video.

Are Europe’s political elite on course to destroy the EU? After meeting the President, I think so

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? Self-identified liberals and Democrats do badly on questions of basic economics.

All Eyes Shifting to Supreme Court

How Obama Reduced Crime Rates Last Year. Well, at least the "bitter clingers" are safe.

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