Monday, June 14, 2010

My Letter To Congress

Dear Congress,

No doubt, you entered into public service wanting to serve your country but the power and prestige has blinded you. Now, many of you holding office today have betrayed the American people.

You betrayed us by putting your own careers over the service of the American Public. You sought the job of Representative or Senator because you wanted to do good but you stayed in office for too long. Why isn't the example of George Washington as the American Cincinnatus always before you. Why have you corrupted Congress into an undrained swamp of ethics violations and porkbelly rent-seeking votes?

Americans are suffering without jobs. Without economic hope. But many in Congress are less concerned with easing their burdens than protecting political positions. Worst of all, many of you have put your party affiliation above representing your constituents. At the end of the day, voters what results not party politics. You have failed, both parties have utterly failed to do what you were elected to do, represent your American Constituents.

How have you failed? Well, the right thing to do would be to cut useless and wasteful government programs, to gut the power of unionized government workers, and to put real controls of entitlement programs in place.

But you won't do the right thing because you are have gone from wanting to serve your country to becoming parasitic ticks on the backs of the American people. Many of you are wealthy and highly educated people who could easily leave office and get a lucrative job as lawyers or lobbyists or whatever your previous profession was.

You don't because many of you are addicted to the power. With all due respect to the right to vote for whomever they wish, the good people of West Virginia should put that crypt-keeper Robert Byrd out of office. It should be rare that someone serve in Congress for more than 20 years. No one should be in office after the age of 72. How many buffoons must the American people suffer under because they decided they wanted airports and community centers named after themselves rather than helping Americans and America succeed in the 21st Century?

Members of Congress, why won't you step aside and let new blood come in?

Well, since you won't do it voluntarily please be warned. Many of you have preyed upon the America body politic like ticks on a dog. Well the dog has woken up and is preparing to scratch you off.

We trusted you to run this country by enforcing its laws. Not to ruin this country with needless laws and unwanted, ill-thought policies. We expected you to help the business of America run smoothly, honestly, and efficiently, not burden it with regulations and taxes until it suffocated under their crushing weight. We wanted our individual liberties and property protected, not drained away like a blood-sucking parasite.

Dear Congress, many of you are the problem and the voters of America are the solution. Not all new candidates will be great or even good, but any one of us will be better than what many of you have become.

Good riddance.

I'm adding this for good measure - Are Politicians Self-Interested? You Bet The Post naming names in this article too!

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