Monday, June 14, 2010

Daily Round-Up 06-14

While an armed society is a polite society but a society armed with video cameras is an honest society.

Friends in High Places The Obama Justice Department went to bat for the New Black Panther party—and then covered it up.

Not quaint or silly but AWESOME! A New Government Agency I Can Support

FEC ruling may exempt Citizens United from the DISCLOSE Act

Immigrants push state initiative targeting those here illegally


Miles of Oil Containment Boom Sit in Warehouse, Waiting for BP or U.S. to Use. An enterprising businessman put his factory in overdrive, figuring the country needed his product and his workers needed overtime. He's making enough to stem the shortage. Why is everyone ignoring him?

Are you angry yet? Two paragraphs from Hot Air

Is a college degree still worth it?: As U.S. employment patterns evolve, a diploma is no longer a guarantee of a better job and higher pay.

Please, No More “Arc of History”

Saudi Arabia gives Israel clear skies to attack Iranian nuclear sites. Forgive me but I see this as good news so long as the Iranian Green Party supporters aren't hurt.

The new threat to America: NATO

This my friends is why all forms of socialism are evil. The Sobering State of North Korea

Down on the Street in Georgetown marching in support of the Green Party in Iran.

Boldly going nowhere: Nasa ends plan to put man back on Moon

Government by the Faculty Lounge Those who can do, those who can't teach.

The scourge of rape in prisons

Bracketed by crimes: Van der Sloot’s last 5 years

How to Think About Oil Spills. The perils of overreaction. AND In Louisiana, it's one damned thing after another: James Carville


Happy 235th Birthday US Army. Thank you for keeping us safe.

International protest groups take up ‘Tea Party’ flag in Moscow, Tel Aviv and the Hague

PJTV Video - This Week in Tea: GOP Girl Power & Liberal Sucker Punch at NC Tea Party Protest

Sarah Palin, Forbesian

Not quaint or silly but AWESOME! A New Government Agency I Can Support
Kansas GOP gubernatorial candidate Sam Brownback is proposing an "Office of the Repealer," tasked with seeking out bad or repetitive laws, wasteful programs, and archaic state agencies for elimination. As a general rule, the media venerates politicians who propose new government programs as bold and visionary, while anyone daring to suggest perhaps there might be cause to eliminate an agency or two is depicted as some fringe draconian nut. Or just quaint and silly.

This is a good thing for Texas. GOP's state meet has air of tea party

The left’s strange hostility to Hirsi Ali

The Dangers of Overreacting to the Deepwater Horizon Disaster

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