Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Etheridge Unedited

While an armed society is a polite society but a society armed with video cameras is an honest society.

Congressman Assaults Student Activist
And let’s be clear — this is assault and battery. The fact that Congressman Etheridge (D-NC) only struck at the camera is not relevant. Because the camera was being held by the student at the time, striking it is legally the same as striking the student. And certainly holding on to the student’s arm and locking an arm around the kid’s neck qualifies
Bob Etheridge’s Criminal Assault

The lesson of Bob Etheridge
Time and time again, politicians, who should know better, seem to commit gaffes based on a belief that what they are saying will never get broadcast to the wider world. The Etheridge controversy is more evidence that such an idea is entirely antiquated.

When a politician opens his or her mouth is this age of journalism -- and activism -- they must assume that anything they say will be made public at some point. Any other approach borders on political folly.
Dems Defend Etheridge, Attack Breitbart.
Considering Congressman Etheridge has already apologized and said there was no excuse for his behavior, it’s seems like this may have been a battle the Democrats should have sat out. Too late now
‘Macaca’ This: the Tu Quoque Left, Violence, the MSM, and the Rise of the Flip-Cam Citizen Journalist

Breitbart, Flynn, defend Etheridge vid, anonymous even to them
"Honestly, I don't know if they are trackers. (Like the Allen, Macacca videographer) Or students," said Michael Flynn, who first posted the video, in an email. "They sent me the videos anonymously and identified themselves as students. Do I know for sure? I do not. Hell, they could be students working as trackers. That said, I think the video speaks for itself. Etheridge went from 0-60 in like a nano-second. The question which provoked him was 'Do you support Obama's agenda?' That isn't exactly confrontational.

"Even more bizarre to me is the fact that he knew he was being filmed. Who in 2010 doesn't understand that flip camera video can circle the planet in about 3 minutes?" he said.

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