Monday, June 14, 2010

In Economic Woes 06-14

Holy Cow Poop! The Real National Debt: $130 Trillion, Give or Take

Politicizing the Fed Congress seeks more control over the 12 regional banks. Politicians put their greasy fingers all over Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac and look what that did for us. Every damn politician's mantra should be "Hands Off".

More Spending Isn't the Answer

Obama Eyes Your Mortgage, and Other Overlooked News

America's Municipal Debt Racket State and local borrowing as a percentage of U.S. GDP has risen to an all-time high of 22% in 2010.

This week the House will move to consider legislation intended to increase the availability of credit to small businesses but with a price tag of $33 billion with no offsets made to pay for the program it will only grow the level of our unsustainable debt.

Is Treasury's support of AIG's Shariah-promoting subsidiaries Constitutional?

Social Security cash flow suddenly negative

Deflating Social Security

On The Table

A Fannie and Freddie for Food?

Washington Democrats’ Out-of-Control Spending Spree Needs to Stop. Now

Good News, Bad News

The Gulf Spill, the Financial Crisis and Government Failure Both Republicans and Democrats fail to see the limits of centralized regulation in a modern market economy.

The Road to Price Controls

Obama pleads for $50 billion in state, local aid

The Second Grand Unification Theory of Sucking

Euro to hit dollar parity in 2011, if still exists: analyst

Fannie and Freddie and You

State Plan Makes Fund Both Borrower and Lender

PJTV Video (Sonja Schmidt) - Who's in Your Wallet?

Pension Plans Go Broke as Public Payrolls Expand

Democrats Aim at BP and Instead Hit Retirees

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