Monday, June 14, 2010

Junk Science 06-14

Billions for 'green jobs,' whatever they are

A Remarkable Lie, from Your Taxpayer-Funded NOAA. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, facing the reality that their temperature readings are hopelessly inaccurate, claims that ... accuracy doesn't matter. Wow. One of my neighbors works for NOAA and informs me he can not speak on "government matters" if his opinion is out-of-line with the "official NOAA" stance.

Brand New Green A prominent environmentalist rethinks his worldview—up to a point.

Environmentalists give Barack Obama a pass on oil spill. This is why "environmentalism" is a religion and not a science because it demands faith over facts.

Renewable Energy: There Ain’t No Free Lunch. The public's notion of "green energy" — energy production with no pollution and no environmental impact — is a fairy tale, pushed by a legacy media that doesn't understand the underlying issues but knows which side it's on.

Energy plans taking shape as fight to craft oil legislation looms large

Ship of fools
We learned a simple thing this week: that the BP clean-up effort in the Gulf of Mexico is hampered by the Jones Act. This is a piece of 1920s protectionist legislation, that requires all vessels working in U.S. waters to be American-built, and American-crewed. So while, for instance, the U.S. Coast Guard can accept such help as three kilometres of containment boom from Canada, they can't accept, and therefore don't ask for, the assistance of high-tech European vessels specifically designed for the task in hand

The Left's Reaction to Afghanistan's New Mineral Riches‎

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