Monday, June 14, 2010

Media Bias 06-14

Cronkite, Rather, Thomas: Another Media-Anointed ‘Legend’ Reveals True Colors. As if they needed any more evidence, the public yet again sees the reality of our self-reverential, untrustworthy mainstream media

PJTV Video - BANNED BY YOUTUBE: We Con the World, the Turkish 'Aid to Gaza' Song

The Neomarxist who is helping to influence Obama’s media policy

The Incredibly Wonderful World of our Sensitive Elites

Time Says Oil Spill is Everyone's Fault but Big Government

'World News' Political Insights: President Obama Seeks Control of Sticky Storyline

Media's Latest Global Warming Solution: Whiter Clouds USA Today touts new research on 'putting up a cloud,' but only interviews left-leaning 'opponents.'

From Maureen Down (1) Isn’t It Ironic? She's refering to Biden in the title but uses it as cover to hit Obama.
The former constitutional lawyer now in the White House understands that the press has a role in the democracy. But he is an elitist, too, as well as thin-skinned and controlling. So he ends up regarding scribes as intrusive, conveying a distaste for what he sees as the fundamental unseriousness of a press driven by blog-around-the-clock deadlines.

The 21st-century press beast is a scary multimedia monster, caught up in the trite as well as the vital, and reporters rarely can be as contemplative as the cerebral Obama would like.

Sometimes on the campaign plane, I would watch Obama venture back to make small talk with the press, discussing food at an event or something light. Then I would see him literally back away a few moments later as a blast of questions and flipcams hit him.

But that’s the world we live in. It hurts Obama to be a crybaby about it, and to blame the press and the “old Washington game” for his own communication failures
Linda Douglass, former Obama aide, rejoins mainstream media

Mind Over Mass Media

The Press and Obama: Where’s that Lovin’ Feeling? In just a year and a half, the president has squandered the nearly universal support of the mainstream press by his incompetent handling of the BP oil spill.

Subprime Election Coverage

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