Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Junk Science 06-16


We'll Ease Suffering By Raising Energy Bills

Rick Perry to Obama’s EPA: Don’t mess with Texas

Oil: The Real Green Fuel It’s counterintuitive, but oil is greener than “green” fuels, and the oil spill doesn’t change that fact.

A Small Speech from a Big Office
There's an added layer of irony here as well. As Planet Gore contributor Chris Horner rehearses at length in his book Power Grab, the prime architect of the cap-and-trade idea was — you guessed it — former BP CEO Lord John Browne. So there is a special kind of cognitive dissonance going on in the juxtaposition of BP bullying and carbon tax cheerleading.
Power Grab: How Obama's Green Policies Will Steal Your Freedom and Bankrupt America

Once a government pet, BP now a capitalist tool

Rahming Through a Lame Duck Climate Bill?

It is plain that extreme measures are required to stave off global warming.
"President Barack Obama and his Democratic allies plan a major new push for a broad global warming bill... Obama plans to include a call for an energy bill in his Oval Office address about the Gulf on Tuesday night. And the Obama administration has told key senators that 'an energy deal must include some serious effort to price carbon as a way to slow climate change'..."
You see why this is absolutely necessary, don't you? What if nothing is done and global warming... doesn't happen? What a disaster! But if disastrously extreme measures are taken and then global warming doesn't happen? What a great relief! It will be impossible to tell whether the solution worked or whether global warming just wasn't going to happen anyway. Win-win

U.S. Senate votes for American unilateral economic disarmament

John Kerry, Joe Lieberman tout EPA projection on climate bill

Is a Secret Affair the Real Reason for Al Gore's Silence During BP Disaster?

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