Monday, June 14, 2010

Gerry Connolly - Idiot

I warned his office that I would do everything in my power to oppose his re-election if Connolly voted for Obamacare. Well, he voted for Obamacare and it is now my duty to expose his idiocy.

Yes, Gerry Connolly is really that dumb
What a doofus. Watch Bernanke's eyes as he clearly wonders if this is a joke. It is a joke, Mr. Bernanke and Gerry Connolly is the punchline.

But wait there's more... (I do hope his staff is getting their resumes in order): In which Heritage punks Gerry Connolly
Last week, from behind Last week, from behind his quivering mustache, the gentleman from Fairfax commanded Ben Bernanke to admit before God and these witnesses that NOWHERE in the $3 trillion+ federal budget, is there one dime of spending that could be cut to reduce America's ballooning fiscal deficit. Rather, he piously intoned, it is to that fickle beast, Revenue, we must once again turn for our salvation.

Or is it?

Observe this brief video from the Heritage Foundation in which the federal government's fiscal problems are laid bare, and the lie given to self-righteous politicians obsessed with spending other people's money. (My favorite is the Chinese hookers.)

In which Heritage punks Gerry Connolly

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