Friday, September 4, 2009

There Are No More Gate-Keepers

As many are pointing out, if you only watched the TV news and read paper newspapers, then you would have no clue about 'Green Czar' Van Jones and his ghastly and radical statements.

Nor would you find the repudiation of various 'narratives' put out by TV newscasts and paper newspapers via scientific studies like this here. Which my expert-in-energy-and-environment husband only just found.

Nor have you heard too much condemnation from TV Newscasts and paper newspapers about the beating of Kenneth Gladney by union thugs (because it doesn't fit that 'narrative'?) except on FoxNews here.

Why is that?

Because TV shows and paper newspapers are under the mistaken belief that they are the only information gate-keepers. They are in actuality, the folks foolishly attempting to ration information for their own ideological purposes while completely ignoring the Internet, cellphone cameras, and flip digital recorders.

YouTube, Twitter, and websites now offer the most complete access to information and different points-of-view than television or print ever has.

And yet, and yet, the producers and editors still believe they have a role in shaping our information by providing their point-of-view and only their point-of-view to their public. No matter how many times, the TV newscasts and print papers are "scooped" or repudiated, they still believe there are the gate-keepers of information.

No they are the sad little dutch boys, fingers stuck in a tiny hole in the dike while a raging river pours past them.

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