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Obamacare Daily Round-Up 09-02

Sorry this round-up is late, I had to get my bi-annual MRI to make sure my "brain tumor" hasn't grown. Whatever, seems apropos to mention it during this whole Obamacare debate because I've had the thing for 15 years with and without insurance and I have never been denied for pre-existing condition. Fingers crossed that continues.

NOT ENOUGH! Under fire, President Obama shifts strategy Obama's "willingness" to drop the public option is not enough. ANY healthcare reform that involves government control of any kind other than a few VERY non-intrusive regulations is UNACCEPTABLE. Reform Medicaid first. Once that works (HA!), then reform Medicare. Once that works (HA!), I might consider the government capable of touching private healthcare. Until then, hands off my body!

This Washington Post blog here also details the difficulty Obama and Obamacare are facing.

Understanding the President’s legislative options for health care reform. from Keith Hennessey is a quite good look at the options. However, as I said above. I'd rather see a Medicaid reform bill than a healthcare one.

Moe Lane also cites an article headlined, "Obama retreats from fight on 'public option.'". I'd say until its dead, keep stabbing.

I mean let's face it. We haven't actually heard any details of what Obama wants in his Obamacare. Hold your breath because the AP is reporting, "White House: Obama may detail health plans soon." HA!

From Kevin Mooney at the Washington Examiner, "Union bosses get major role in Obamacare management." Are you screaming or crying yet?

Speaking of illegal behavior. Illegal Health Reform

And part of the reason why the government's camel nose should not be allowed anywhere near the tent is because once they start, the government can't stop itself from getting ever increasingly involved in meddling with our lives and our choices. Take this nonsense for example. Battle lines drawn over soda, junk food taxes If liberals had their way, we'd be dragged into a health tribunal to defend our occasional (black market) potato chip. Seriously, the health food regulation-nuts want to ban all junk food and soda. Care to give up your Coke?

If Obamacare in any form passes, we can expect more Class Acts like this guy running our healthcare. Obama's Green Jobs Czar Van Jones: Republicans Are "A**holes" Better an A$$hole than an idiot. Brietbart.TV also finds video of Van Jones claiming "‘White Polluters’ Steered Poison Into Minority Communities." But don't call him crazy!

A "pandemic response bill" currently making its way through the Massachusetts state legislature would allow authorities to forcefully quarantine citizens in the event of a health emergency, compel health providers to vaccinate citizens, authorize forceful entry into private dwellings and destruction of citizen property and impose fines on citizens for noncompliance.
The above is from this article subtitled, "Pandemic bill allows health authorities to enter homes, detain without warrant." That the former colony that led the fight against the British for Independence has sunk so low. Oh how the mighty have fallen. It's probably safe to assume some liberals in Congress are now suggesting this Massachusetts bill would be a good thing to put into Obamacare.

CONGRESSIONAL FAVORABILITY AT 24-YEAR LOW from Pew. Umm, I suspect this is only a surprise to Congress and if they keep it up on Obamacare and Cap and Tax, then Congress is gonna be real surprised come Nov. 2010.

To be fair, the pain is not all on the left. Republican Voters Say GOP Reps in Congress Still Out of Touch but it is still pretty bad for Democrats, "Republicans Widen Lead Over Democrats on Generic Ballot." I do like that Obamacare is waking people up to the corruption and general ghastliness of the average member of Congress with this article titled, "42% Say People Randomly Selected from Phone Book Better Than Current Congress." William F. Buckley's famous quote coming back to haunt Congress. I love it! Even CNN has to report "CNN Poll: Independents disapprove of Obama"

"TV Medical Dramas Not On Board With Health Reform." So Obamacare will now kill both the healthcare insurance business and medical drama TV shows. You mean no one would want to watch a hundred people jammed into a waiting room for three hours?

Megan McArdle at The Atlantic, here, has a lengthy but well-reasoned article dealing with the philosophical thinking behind her anti-Obamacare stance. Probably far more intelligent than anything you'll find here and well worth a serious read. Enjoy.

Instapundit Glen Reynolds has an op-ed up at The Washington Examiner titled, "Glenn Reynolds on the hidden cost of national health care." He discusses how Obamacare will "squash" medical innovation.

"Crowd Erupts In Boos When Congresswoman Announces Support For Single Payer Health Care" The video is of Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey. I love it when they have the video.

Surprisingly yet unsurprisingly, Obama's slide in the polls to the bottom is not the fastest, that honor goes to Clinton. I wonder if Clinton's slide was also related to his attempt at healthcare reform or will we have to wait until Obama is caught cheating too?

David Brooks and The New Anti-Anti-Orszagism. It's Wrong!

Obama’s Political Operation Escalates Attack On Media; Raises Money Off Failure To Debunk “Lies” Organizing for America is such a class act, just like the president.

The Steny Hoyer Townhall: Reporting from the Outside.

"Death Threat” For Rep. John Salazar (CO) A “False Flag” Operation? “Crying Wolf”?–Police Rule Accusation “Unfounded” Another instance of fakery on the part of liberals to make Tea Party Protests look bad. It only reflects back to them.

Dems Throw The Dean Out Of A Meeting I'm at a loss for words.

Pat Austin calls it "reframing" in her blogpost here but it really is exploiting September 11th for political gain. And it is disgusting.

Look only one sensible bumper sticker!

As I said above, I love it when they get video! "Citizen With Camera Captures What MSM Cannot"

"Obama White House Has Secret Plan To Harvest Personal Data From Social Networking Websites." Let's remember that a key component of Obamacare is changing all our medical records to digital. Ask yourself, would you trust his administration with your medical records?

Check it out. The Tea Party has a song written by African-American musician Lloyd Marcus! "'Tea Party' Tour Star Puts Movement To Song"

Busted... HCAN Organizer Hands Out the Astroturfed Signs at Illinois Town Hall (Video)

More halo from the White House website.

Rich Lowry on Health Care & Ted Kennedy

From The Wall Street Journal, Tom Coburn has an op-ed titled, "What I Learned From the 'Mob'" He's referring to the Angry Mob of the anti-Obamacare protests and explaining how it's the government over-reach, stupid.

From the Boston Globe's website (!), "Obama’s soak-the-rich mentality." Except if Obamacare passes, he will be soaking the middle class. Government-run healthcare is not free. It comes from your taxes which are removed from your wages. Never forget that.

"Health care isn't the only destructive White House priority running into trouble in the Senate." is the first sentence of this article from the Wall Street Journal's Cap and Tax Delay. Both Cap and Tax and Obamacare need to be gone.

Over at The Washington Post, Michael Gerson tries to salvage Obamacare with some advice. It's not bad if you are trying to pass something, anything but as I mentioned before, I think the only acceptable approach is to start with Medicaid. That said, I think Mr. Gerson is doing Obamacare more harm than his intended good when his piece is titled, "Health Reform's Plan B." Dude, Plan B is a phrase but it is also an abortion pill. Did you mean to suggest that Obamacare be aborted, that abortions would be covered under Obamacare or were you simply referencing Obama's profound support for abortion up until the 9th month?

The issue of social justice is far bigger than the abortion debate Amen.

History repeating itself? "A Detailed Timeline of the Healthcare Debate portrayed in "The System". Events following Clinton's Healthcare Address to Congress through March 1994"

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