Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Grandma Ain't Confused, She's Pissed Off

First, the Obamacare protesters were "teabaggers" who turned into an "angry mob". They morphed into swasticka carriers and were Unamerican.

No, they are just "confused"? What changed?

Nothing changed except the idiots currently in charge realized that a huge majority of this Angry Mob were Senior Citizens aka millions of registered voters.

And these voters didn't take kindly to being called names.

Democrats and the AARP have a problem and it's over 65 years old.

And this article titled, "The AARP and Seniors: Clashing Views on Health Reform" from Time magazine is another example of that problem.

Time's entire tone with this piece is profoundly patronizing. Senior citizens are "confused" and if they only "understood" Obamacare, they would accept it.

Bull hookey.

Senior citizens are smart. They ran this country before the dumbass baby boomers. And let's face it, the 50+ in the AARP are baby boomers and still running things. So how can the "greatest generation" who faced down the Great Depresion, World War II, and their awful hippie children, not understand that Obamacare is yet another socialist government program inevitably doomed to turn this country into the very socialist state they've been fighting against their entire lives (except the baby boomers who like this kind of thing).

Time magazine's article does point out that the AARP is both a non-profit and a profit - selling health insurance. Which may be why Obama wanted to cut the backroom deal with the AARP which is so enraging its members. They both assumed their Senior Citizen members were sheep who would do what ever the AARP told them too.

It is this sort of arrogance that is getting all these liberal elite players into trouble.

Grandma is not "confused" she is pissed off and she will handbag any politician who tries to tell her otherwise.

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