Sunday, August 30, 2009

Investigate Eric Holder

Both in Congress and among a number of current and former Justice Department employees is a growing concern that the Obama administration is politicizing the department in ways the Bush team never imagined. A former Justice employee cautions that every administration has the right and the obligation to set policy. "Elections have consequences," he affirms. But he thinks that the Obama administration has gone beyond policy reversals and is interfering with prosecutorial decisions, staffing the department with unqualified personnel, and invoking privilege to thwart proper congressional oversight and public scrutiny.
Jennifer Rubin over at The Weekly Standard has written an astonishing article titled, "Eric Holder's Justice Department."

It horrifyingly details how our Department of Justice has been twisted by Eric Holder into a possibly illegal tool of the Obama administration. When DoJ decisions are being described as "Nixon-esque" you have to wonder just what Eric Holder is up to. From hyper-partisan leftie radicals being installed into positions of power to the dismissal of an already WON voter intimidation case against black racists while fabricating a voter intimidation case against Minutemen, Holder and Obama sell hell-bent on the systematic upheaval of American rule of law.

Don't believe me? Read the article for yourself.

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