Thursday, September 3, 2009

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 09-03 UPDATED

School is starting and I have the kids' orientations to take them to plus all of life to cope with. So below is today's Obamacare Daily-Round Up with minimal commentary. More may come later. It's later and it's UPDATED.

Fear and Loathing in Waldorf, Md

Five years ago, I would never have guessed I'd have as much respect for Karl Rove as I do now. Now that's hope and change. From The Wall Street Journal -Obama and the Perfect Political Storm, It's hard to sell change voters don't think they need.

Defensive medicine driving up healthcare costs by Rep. Bachmann

JustOneMinute discusses the upcoming Obama speech to Congress with "The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round..."

Wrong Turns: How Obama's Health-Care Push Went Astray - A Wall Street Journal recap of what Obama's doing wrong.

Cincinnati Tea Part is reporting Driehaus’ Broken Promise Apparently Rep. Driehaus promised an open townhall and has now chickened out.

Health care reform means more power for the IRS. Has your head exploded yet? Seriously, why should the IRS enforce ANYTHING except collecting taxes? And ask yourself this, if the IRS is enforcing the 'individual mandate' on Obamacare, just how "voluntary" is Obamacare? Are your taxes voluntary?

From Dr. Helen, Health care for Clunkers

Death Panels for Terrorists! Just how over the top can a pro-ObamaCare pitch get?

Obama: Why Give the Big Speech Now? from Slate and Kausfiles.

The Revolt of the Masses Electorates are casting a global no-confidence vote in their leaderships. Apparently, industrialized countries all over the world are sick of their leaders.

1,000 join Corker's health care debate, Senator talks, then listens to opinions at Loudon town hall. Is it just me or is it pathetic that this is a headline. It SHOULD be a dog-bites-man event, not news.

Health care rally turns into shout-down

Finger bitten off during California health protest
THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – California authorities say a clash between opponents and supporters of health care reform ended with one man biting off another man's finger.

Ventura County Sheriff's Capt. Frank O'Hanlon says about 100 people demonstrating in favor of health care reforms rallied Wednesday night on a street corner. One protester walked across the street to confront about 25 counter-demonstrators.

O'Hanlon says the man got into an argument and fist fight, during which he bit off the left pinky of a 65-year-old man who opposed health care reform.

A hospital spokeswoman says the man lost half the finger, but doctors reattached it and he was sent home the same night. She says he had Medicare.
But the anti-Obamacare crowd is the "angry mob"?

From the very respectable Telegraph - Sentenced to death on the NHS, Patients with terminal illnesses are being made to die prematurely under an NHS scheme to help end their lives, leading doctors have warned. When ANYONE claims that Obamacare will not lead to rationing, they are lying. Outright lying.

Inhofe blasts Obama at Grove town hall I really, really like Sen. Inhofe. Support him if you can!

"U.S. Rep. Paul Broun is again raising the specter of Democrats turning the United States into a totalitarian state." Six months ago, Rep. Broun would seem crazy, now he's beginning to sound prescient. I'm not saying I agree in calling Obama a fascist but I do believe Obama has deep socialist tendencies.

Hastert: Pelosi BLEW IT on health care. You have to scroll down for this one.

Reuters is reporting that Biden has said, "Obama to lay out specifics on healthcare"

Can't be bothered to read the bill - Hope and Change ya'll

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