Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tales of The Five Year Old

So, my son and daughter are on the sofa downstairs when we hear howling and crying. We rush downstairs to discover our five year old boy has head-butted his face against his older sister and is the one doing the crying.

As our daughter explains, our son wouldn't get off of her and as she was trying to shove him away, he hurt himself.

We tell our son it is all his fault. He should not have been climbing on his sister in the first place.

Then we comfort both of them.

However, our son has been crying so hard that a HUGE booger comes out of his nose. He has calmed down and realizes this and pulls the snot off of himself.

And then wipes it on his sister.

She is grossed out. My husband picks it off of her and turns to our son and says, "That is disgusting. Why did you wipe your booger off on your sister?"

And our son replies, "I didn't know where else to put it."

He is pure five year old boy, our son is.

(And yes, we told him to never do that again and next time to get a tissue and wipe it off himself. Unfortunately, he may have gotten a mixed message as we were barely controlling our giggles.)

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