Friday, September 4, 2009

Let's See If This Is True

Tertium Quids is reporting that Sen. Warner had a Townhall in Fredericksburg and that this appeared on the Free-Lance Star's website:
"Senator Warner will be in Fredericksburg a the Expo center on Thursday 9/3/09 at 6 PM. SEIU and ACORN members are to arrive at 5 and go through the side door."
Will be looking to see if that was true.

Meanwhile, the Freelance Star itself has a report up here on last night's Townhall with Sen. Warner. It reads fairly evenhanded but if you scroll down to the bottom half of the page, there is an AP "fact sheet" that lists all the costs of the various plans out there starting with the House bill. Anyone who reads the cost and how it's paid lines will get chills.

The Virginia-Pilot's report on the townhall is here.

Found this website, Just A Conservative Girl, refering to some Union members being at the Warner Townhall but not a lot and not SEIU. Looks like the Tertium Quads may have been duped. Although, the union workers may be "wising up" and trying to do their astroturfing in plainclothes now.

That said, this blogger had a less than savory experience at Sen. Warner's Townhall last night.

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