Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ignorant and Idiotic Treatment of Honduras

This is mindless bullying and sheer stupidity on the part of Obama.

As reported by the AP
The State Department made the announcement as Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was meeting with Zelaya. Spokesman Ian Kelly did not say how much assistance would be cut but officials have said previously that more than $200 million is at stake. Kelly said it affected "a broad range of assistance to the government of Honduras."

"The Secretary of State has made the decision, consistent with U.S. legislation, recognizing the need for strong measures in light of the continued resistance to the adoption of the San Jose Accord by the de facto regime and continuing failure to restore democratic, constitutional rule to Honduras," Kelly said in a statement.

The San Jose accord, brokered by Costa Rican President Oscar Arias, aims to return Zelaya to power with limited authority until elections now set for November. But Zelaya's replacement, Roberto Micheletti, has refused to accept it, prompting Clinton's decision to cut aid.

Kelly said "restoration of the terminated assistance will be predicated upon a return to democratic, constitutional governance in Honduras." He said the United States would not recognize the results of the election under current conditions and stressed it was imperative that the vote meet international standards.
The Honduran Supreme Court ordered the ouster of Zelaya because ZELAYA WAS ACTING OUTSIDE THE HONDURAN CONSTITUTION! But Obama is supporting him because he is a friend of Senior Loco-Pants aka Chevez.

The United States of America has just supported a despot over a legitamite democracy. Obama and Clinton should be ASHAMED. I know I am.

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