Friday, August 21, 2009

What Did They Expect?

"UK condemns celebrations for Lockerbie bomber."

What did these "humanitarians" expect? That by releasing the first major (successful) airline bomber, the Libyans would be all respectful and quiet? They won, you lost by letting that murderer go.

"The sight of a mass murderer getting a hero's welcome in Tripoli is deeply upsetting, deeply distressing, above all for the 270 families who grieve every day for the loss of their loved ones 21 years ago," British Foreign Secretary David Miliband told BBC Radio.
It is "deeply distressing" for a lot freakin' more than those poor families, Miliband! When I first heard the British government was letting this man free, my thoughts were in this order:

1) Typical stupid socialist thing to do.

2) This is punishment for Obama's ham-handed treatment of our closest Ally. Damn stupid socialist.

3) This is only going to encourage the other terrorists because even letting the man go after 20 years in prison looks weak to terrorists who think nothing of beheading a person because they are a homosexual or a woman.

And what is with that, by the way? Why do Liberals believe that Conservatives hate gays and women when it is the Conservatives who believe we should fight the terrorists/Islamo-Fascist who think all Westerners are "pig dogs" because we tolerate/accept homosexuals and women rights?

It's like hating a soldier who is fighting for freedom. Your freedom. Islamic homosexual's freedom to exist. A woman's right not to have her genitals sliced off. You know, fighting for little freedoms like that.

So the socialist elite of Great Britain decide to be "humanitarian" and then wring their hands when the terrorists celebrate their weakness. The man deserved to be put to death 20 years ago for the murder of 270 men, woman, and children.

It's too late to be "deeply distressed", now you're gonna have to brace for impact.

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