Thursday, August 20, 2009

Righteously Angry

Still, there are warning signs in the same poll for Steinhauser. Shouting down supporters of the plan was viewed by a majority of Democrats, Republicans and Independents in the Gallup poll as an “abuse” of democracy.

The backlash against the confrontational antics of some of the plans opponents at the town hall meetings could be a pivot point for the White House.

Lucas was stunned when she attended the first town hall of Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) and saw it devolve into shouts, boos and confrontational questions. “It was not a discussion. They made sure an honest debate did not take place,” Lucas recalled. “I knew we had a task in front of us.”
The above quote is from this YahooNews/Politico post here and it has made me see red.

It occurs to me that the supporters of Obamacare as so quick to paint opponents as angry not only because they have NO response to the opponents legitimate questions but also because, well, we are righteously angry.

Unlike the knee-jerk hatred the liberals so often manifest in the face of the slightest, mildest disagreement, conservatives tend to listen to the opposing point of view and then respond. Differing with a conservative is having a real debate. Differing with a liberal is risking a foam-specked person screaming in your face.

But when legitimate constituents go to a townhall, ask legitimate questions, express legitimate concern about Obamacare, and receive snide, arrogant, dismissive answers hawking tired troupes and outright lies, then the opponents of Obamacare get righteously angry.

I watch the videos and I can see the crowds thinking, 'hey, that was a qood questions. Why is this joker not answering it? Why is he being so snide? Isn't he supposed to be working for me?'

Politicians in America work for The People - as in We, The People. It's easy to start thinking of The People as if they were some non-corporeal entity. In the same way, Liberals blame "Wall Street" or the "Insurance Industry" as if it was a separate thing rather than a collection of people, human beings.

In America, The People believe they are in charge. We can vote the bums out. Many of the Congressional Crypt-Keepers have forgotten that. And they should be voted out for doing so.

I tell my children all the time, people shout when they believe they are not being heard. The "Angry Mobs" are shouting not because they want to be disruptive or rude. They are shouting because the man or woman at the podium is not listening, is not answering their questions, and is treating them with an arrogant dismissiveness which I promise you will be returned in kind come Election Day.

So commentators and liberals, please note this is righteous anger. Not liberal anger for liberal sake. Opponents of Obamacare are correct to be angry about their treatment by the press and their politicians. And they will be right to do something about it when before the ballot box.

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