Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ongoing Review of HR 3200 pages 400-600

As I have pointed out previously here, The Gormogons are doing an excellent page by page review of HR 3200 aka Obamacare.

Here is their review of pages 401 - 500. The summary of this section is as follows:
At this point, we are clearly seeing patterns. Various, established programs are being ripped apart to include more services, but lack explanations as to how these services will reduce costs or reduce the number of Americans without healthcare. This just reeks of window dressing, with details grabbed from wherever they could find them.

And here is their review of pages 501 - 600.
This should please the SEIU, because there is a lot about protecting the interests of workers at these facilities from management. Indeed, a massive amount of these pages cover filing grievances, protection against whistleblowers and management retaliation...almost as if the SEIU wrote it from one of their standard skilled nursing home labor contracts. That, my friends, is a hint.

Read 'em and weep.

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