Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Frack Jobs, Please

Investor's Business Daily has an editorial up about NY Gov. Patterson's call for creating more "frack jobs" by frack drilling the oil shale in New York state.

What did you think I meant.

Suffice it to say, the article, here, ends with "Drill, Patterson, drill." a sentiment I whole-heartedly agree with.

Still you gotta love quotes like this...
Kennedy and the rest of the fracking opposition say that since the technique uses a lot of water, we should worry about possible groundwater pollution and the impact on water supplies, rivers and streams. Proximity of the Marcellus formation to New York City's watershed has caused concern.

Roger Willis, owner of a hydraulic fracturing company in the Pennsylvania town of Meadville, says thousands of frack jobs have been done on rock formations above and below the Marcellus shale in New York state with no aquifer damage.

The new fracking technology allows access to deeper, denser shale. "These are surgical operations utilizing the most advanced drilling technology known to man," Tom Price, senior vice president of Chesapeake Energy, told lawmakers at a recent hearing in Albany.
Yes, I know.

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