Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Big Spender

I'm reading this ARthur C. Brooks op-ed in The Wall Street Journal here and this sentence jumped out at me in the second paragraph, "The Congressional Budget Office now estimates that the national debt will balloon to $17.1 trillion by 2019."

Holy Cow!

We, The Taxpayers, will be $17,100,000,000 in debt (probably mostly to China) in ten (10!) years under Obama.


Stopping this madness must start now. No to cap and tax! No to Obamacare! No to bailouts and "stimulus" bills. No. No. No.

There are many options out there to solve our problems that DO NOT require the raising of taxes and the deepening of our debt.

Indeed, many solutions would lower our taxes and reduce our debt if only liberals would take their eyes off their utopian thesis papers and take a real look at the real world the rest of us inhabit.

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