Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Supported Whole Foods Today

Drove 1/2 an hour out of my way home after my son's Occupational Therapy session in order to support Whole Foods and its CEO.

Went in for a gallon of milk and came out with $35 worth of goodies- I mean groceries.

Still won't let my children even touch organic produce, we did buy some lemon wafer cookies that looked good even though they were labelled organic. But that's another post.

I'd forgotten about the many good things at Whole Foods (for an active anti-organic person like myself, that is a very generous statement). I may try to get up there again the closest thing to Whole Foods we have in our area is a Wegman's.

Now, Wegman's I love (although they do hawk a lot of organic crap too, at least it's not their reason for existance).

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