Thursday, January 28, 2010


Well, I didn't watch it live because my British husband HATES the State Of The Union address, regardless of who is giving it.

I did read the written transcript and I did go to various websites ranging from DailyKos to Salon to National Review to read other people's reactions.

And finally, I watched a couple of clips of the speech including the outreagous lie about foreign companies being allowed to donate to politcal campaigns - nice headshake Justice Alito!

In the end, my opinion is the speech sucked.

I know some of the far left think it was great but they don't think in real space to begin with. Center-left to middle right folks seem to be clearheaded enough to spot each and every inconsistancy and bald-faced lie in the speech such as the above mentioned campaign donation lie and the inconsistancy of advancing new or more government programs while promising to "freeze" spending sometime next year.

It sad, lame, and craptacular that Obama thinks he can say these things to the American people on a national stage and that we would believe him. Let alone trust him.


Now as far as the reaction to his "tone" has been. I didn't listen to the whole speech so I can't speak to it but level-headed people whom I respect describe his tone as "nasty", "defensive", and "arrogent". Since Obama has always seemed that way to me to begin with, who am I to argue?

Below are some links so you can see for yourself.

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The tone.

Defensive, hectoring, self-righteous, self-referential, and angry. An astonishing performance. ....

Excuse Me
I forgot to add "petulant."

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