Sunday, January 24, 2010

Political Corruption 01-24

Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval

Why I Regret Voting For President Obama

Quincy Tea Party event standing room only success

Is Ellie Light an Astroturfer for Obama or one of Obama's people trying to spread the astroturf around? Ellie Light: Obama Astroturfer? This is actually rather disturbing. AND Ellie Light — The New Greg Packer

How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

Arkansas Rep. Marion Berry to retire

Talk about tin ear - Obama, With Defiant Tone, Vows to Push Agenda AND Axelrod vows to stay the course on White House agenda despite hurdles

Obama's answer: More populism AKA More Cowbell.

PJTV Video - Down With Brown: The Historic Victory Has Blue-Staters Seeing Red

White House Toughens Tone. Amid Concern About Midterms, Obama Boosts Staff and Emphasizes Jobs

White House nightmare persists

It's Not Rahm's Fault. It's Obama's Fault.

NYPD Ray Kelly Quietly Drops Anvil On Obama AND NYC's top cop Ray Kelly on decision to have terror trials in NY: We were not consulted

Holder hasn't revealed Justice Dept lawyers who defended Gitmo detainees

Cafferty on Ft. Hood Shooter Report (tears report a new one)

Obama regroups after bruising week

Citizens United and Citizen Hugh

McCain says campaign finance reform is dead

In stunning reversal, ACLU might endorse limits on campaign spending

2009 Democratic agenda severely weakened by Republicans' united opposition

Poll: Voter anger fueled Brown victory in Mass.

Scott Brown’s Down-Home Ecumenism

Scott Brown Win Is a Victory For Bush Foreign Policy, Defeat For Ron Paul Isolationism

Main Street's Message

When Do Proposed Constitutional Amendments Deserve Derision?

Obama aides dismiss shake-up talk but enlist help

Bin Laden takes credit for airline bombing plot; officials express skepticism AND Islam's war against others. Ethnic cleansing spreading in Muslim world

Total Protonic Reversal: Dennis Kucinich Defends Tea-Partiers, Shreds Democrat Hacks and Chicago-style Politics

Federal Court Has Become the New Feelings Forum

Brown's win shows GOP how to seize Obama's old Senate seat

The Revolutions Finally Got Televised By which he means Revolutionary Holocaust

Goodwin's Perfect Thumb-Nail of Obama

First trial set to begin in NJ corruption probe

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