Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow-Bound Random Round-Up 01-30

STEALING AN ELECTION? AND Challenge to Obama - Request Special Counsel As To Foreign Contributions

Obama's Stunning Admission AND Nevermind All Those Opposition Solutions; Obama's Opposition Has No Solutions!

Obama’s Lobbyist Slams Mask Big K Street Payday

The Country is in the best of hands - Reid raises $2M, spends it all

Report: Nearly 100 misconduct allegations in 2009 By Senators

More Bailouts? Forever? Not So Fast

Scott Brown: 'People Aren't Stupid' 'And leaders should figure out they're better informed now than ever.'

PJTV Video (Bill Whittle) - National Insecurity: Obama’s SOTU Errors and Omissions

Deficit of Trust: Most Voters Don’t Believe President’s Assertions About Economy

Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval

Fact-Checking the President in Baltimore

What an ass - Duncan: Katrina Was The "Best Thing" for New Orleans School System

Another good reason to use transparency rather than McCain-Feingold for reform

The Privatization of the First Amendment

Obama's 2011 budget will include phantom cap-and-trade revenue

CBS Issues O’Keefe Correction — There’s Just One, Er, Two Problems . . .; UPDATED: CBS Editor Responds

Video: Nick Gillespie makes libertarianism look pretty good

Forget Gutting Tax Breaks; Obama Should Reverse Bailout of Government Motors

Oh for Pete's sake - Justice Dept.: Obama administration may take action on BCS

The Chávez Meltdown. There's a lot of ruin in Venezuela.

A setback for drive to punish Bush-era 'war criminals' AND Justice Official Clears Bush Lawyers in Torture Memo Probe

Lech Walesa Stumps for Adam Andrzejewski at Chicago Tea Party (Video)

Lech Walesa Endorses Illinois Republican Gubernatorial Candidate

Report from the Bloomfield MI tea party in 8F weather

Obama Is No JFK

Twelve Simple Ways to Fight This Climate Change

Climate Change Supporters Prove They Don’t Have the Courage of Their Convictions

So, whatever happened to Copenhagen?

Climate chief was told of false glacier claims before Copenhagen

Surface Temperature Records: Policy Driven Deception?

Climategate: NOAA and NASA Complicit in Data Manipulation

Approaching a Global Warming Agenda Stop Sign, Obama Decides to Floor It

Algal power not so green after all, yet

Hawaii nixes same-sex civil unions bill

ATP Board Members Snubbed at House Committee Meet

CBS: You know, Alito was right

Watch CBS News Videos Online

How much will your legislator cost you?

PJTV Video (Week In Blogs) - Obama Girl's Crush is Gone: "At least I wasn't the Edwards Girl." I Am Blog-Of-The Week! I so totally (heart) Stephen Green!

Wrong Numbers Fuel Poor Policies

Who Is Blocking Health Care Reform Now?

Obama admits Dems snuck in health care provisions

PJTV Video (The excellent Sonja Schmidt) - Off Color: On Race, Dems Misspeak But Republicans Take The Heat

No Need to Honor Christian Humanitarians

Labor union money linked to anti-Tea Party Web site

Media Wake-Up Call for Parents

Harkin: Health deal was reached days before Brown's victory

Mr. Freeze: Why Obama’s Latest Budget Change Won’t Put His Agenda On Ice

Michael Moore: Capitalism Must Be Eliminated

Obama’s Schizophrenic Politics

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