Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bad Politicians Bad 01-26

Uh-Oh - Newsmax/Zogby Poll: Scott Brown Could Defeat Obama in Presidential Race

RealClearPolitics Poll Averages

Democratic Infighting Leads To Misplaced Priorities

More governor trouble ahead for Obama Democrats? Now, Ohio's Strickland is slipping

For the first time? Really? HA - CNN Poll: For First Time, More Say Dem Control Is Bad For Country

VDH - Obama in Free Fall

Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s Chief of Staff, draws fire from Left

Narcissus doesn't have anything on Obama. Could the man be more self-absorbed? Obama Suggested Personal Appeal Would Save Dems in 2010

On the Cato Institute’s blog, David Boaz asks, “How Many Senators Are More Liberal than the Socialist One?”

Mr. President: Please Try, "I'm Listening, People," Instead of "Listen Up, People!"

There's a job description?!? Has the President Read His Job Description?

Even Jon Stewart Mocks Obama For Using Teleprompter In Schoolroom
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Let's not get ahead of ourselves, there, sparky. Why not shoot for one good month before you try to go for (at best) another 36 like the past 12. Obama: one good term better than two bad ones

The Death Of Gentry Liberalism. The elites are no longer deciding elections. Obama, take note.

Dumb Ass. We don't need to be "hip" or "cool", we need to be the GROWN UPS and be clear, practical and small. The Republicans’ ‘Hip Gap’

Key senators: Revoke Abdulmutallab's civilian status, resume terrorist interrogation AND Senators rebel over treating Detroit airline terrorist as a civilian

‘The Fix Was In’: Obama Donor Gets Sweetheart Real Estate Deal in Chicago

PJTV Video - Shoot First, Blog Later: Roger, Breitbart & Top Web Journos Go Shooting With Texas Gov. Rick Perry Is it my imagination or does that title sound familiar....

Of course she does. Clinton plays down Haiti aid controversy Hey Clinton, instead of holding hands, why not explain to these jokers that if they don't cough up the time, money, and boots-on-the-ground to help the Haitians, then they should keep their pieholes shut.

Pants On Fire Alert: Axelrod Edition

Is Christopher Buckley turning on Obama? The Audacity of Oops

Since I consider Boxer to be a worthless political hack, a whorish filthmonger of liberal hate, and rude to my husband, I'm hoping CA voters agree - California Voters Ready to Say, “No, Ma’am”?

2010 Republican Election Message: Clear, Practical and Limited

What Obama Really Sees in the Mirror

PJTV Video (AlfonZo Rachel) - Truckin' 2010: Has Obama Set Democrats Up For a Long, Strange Trip?

Fail to the Chief. Why hasn't the Obama administration lived up to its webby promises?

Obama can't create change with words alone

Harry Reid Furious with McCain. So What.

PJTV Video - Scorned: The President's Policies Hurt Women the Most

To Understand Congress, Just Watch the Sandpile

Now They Want to Stop Spending?

Bad news just piling up for Democrats

I'd start with actually acting like a leader and then go from there - Some Obama goals for administration have still not been met

Obama and the Copenhagen Syndrome. It's dangerous to believe in your own miracles.

Despite court ruling, Congress can still limit campaign finance

The Populist Addiction

Obama’s Credibility Gap

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