Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In Economic Woes 01-27

Welfare rolls up in '09; more enroll in assistance programs

The Never-Ending Goldman-AIG Saga. Suspicions of malfeasance without much evidence.

Obama Dithered as Economic War Raged

Appalled In Greenwich Connecticut

New Home Sales Fell 7.6 Percent in December AND Fall in U.S. new home sales fans fears on recovery

against Barack Obama and Gordon Brown in call for world regulation

CBO Baseline Shows Staggering Debt

A Trillion Dollars Taxes the Mind and the Taxpayer

ObamaNomics: An Endless Downward Spiral

Pete DuPont: Coming Tax Hikes Will Cause Greater Economic Collapse Than 2008-09

The Spender-in-Chief’s Fiscal Freeze Follies

Deficit report highlights Obama's challenge

Think tank, union give tepid support for budget freeze

Budget Freeze-eology 101: Hatchets vs. Scalpels

And Mr. Krauthammer's Response - Krauthammer on Obama’s Proposed Budget Cuts: “A Q-tip Not a Scalpel, A Fraud… Lunch Money”

Officials say stimulus bill to cost $75B more

Stimulus contract is news to recipient

Stimulus Price Tag Soars as Jobless Rate Rises

Stimulus Revisionism

Lobbyists HO! - K Street rushing to get its slice of jobs bill before spending freeze

BFD. That's like .0000000000001% of the Federal Budget. Obama to freeze salaries of top White House officials

Reality Check: The Proposed Freeze Is Peanuts

Income angst? Not for public employees Must be nice.

10.6%: What's behind New York City's horrific unemployment rate

Graham: Cap and Tax 'Going Nowhere'

A Fannie and Freddie Earmark. Chuck Schumer doesn't think they're losing enough money.

PROMISES, PROMISES: Skepticism on Obama tax credit

Democratic Tax Dissent. Not everyone wants the Bush tax rates to expire.

The Marxist Roots of Obama’s Economic ‘Pivot’

Getting the TARP Tax Wrong

I hate the man but he's made a good point here - Taking Soros One Point Further (Soros, not Seth) AND Soros says Obama bank levy premature, backs other plans

Pres. Obama is Right, We Have a Spending Problem

Could California Really Default?

Well, aren't they pro-suicide in that state? Oregon voters pass tax increasing measures by big margin AND Oregon Tax Hike Vote, Ballot Measures 66 and 67 (2010)

Fear and loathing on Wall Street. Commentary: The Washington witch hunt hits home

Legitmizing Theft

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