Thursday, January 28, 2010

Corruption Daily Round-Up 01-28 UPDATED

Before I begin, some very good news - Haiti earthquake rescuers find girl alive after 15 days

Targeted Killing Aimed at a US Citizen Abroad

Gordon Brown is a tool. U.K. Proposes $500M to Woo Taliban Off Battlefield, Into Jobs


New Study: What Family Structure Prevents Child Abuse?

PJTV Video (Klavan on the Culture) - Liberal Fantasies v. Reality: Can You Spot the Difference?

Against Civil Gideon (and for Pro Se Court Reform)

The Forfeiture Racket. Police and prosecutors won't give up their license to steal.

Tim Tebow's ad has Left tangled in their knickers

PJTV Video (Sonja Schmidt) - Is This What He Means By Transparency? Obama’s See-Thru Security and Your Right to Privacy

Asylum in the U.S. for German Homeschoolers?

Putting Religion on Trial?

The Joke Ban

Hackers Infiltrate House Web Sites With Anti-Obama Attacks Hacking is rude.

Doctors Against the Soda Tax


Lech Walesa To Appear at Chicago Tea Party

We Really CAN Throw the Bums Out!

Newsmax-Zogby Poll: Palin Tops GOP Field for 2012

Tampa Tea Party News. Rally At Obama's Visit To Tampa

Lech Walesa Will Campaign for Illinois Republican

Forbes Endorses Rubio

Health Care Freedom Act Passes VA Senate Committee

The Second American Tax Revolt

It has nothing to do with corruption but I think it is just cool - America's First Spaceport Grows in the Desert

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