Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In Economic Woes 01-26

Oh Dear Lord NO! - Budget Deficit to Reach $1.35 Trillion for 2010

California’s Public Employee Pension Problem

Budget Office: The government's finances on ‘unsustainable path’

I'll believe it when I see it - Obama to seek freeze on part of budget

The Freeze

Re: Obama to Propose Three-Year Spending Freeze

CBO Baseline Shows Staggering Debt

Tax-Cut Time

$13 Trillion Deficits Coming, 100 Percent of GDP

Uncle Sam's Taken Out a Mortgage That You Are Going to Have to Pay

Senate Rejects Obama Deficit Commission

Experts see budget crisis hitting Pentagon spending down the road

McCain: President Must Reject Earmarks and Pork

Tim Geithner Says to Leave Your Money at Big Banks

The Budget Temperature Under President Obama

Coburn, Barrasso: Obama's Smoke and Mirrors

It's not just Illinois people!

News Flash: Entitlement Spending Grows Like Giant Cancer on U.S. Economy

Stimulus Wasted and Most Americans Know It

An Economic Time Bomb. Even if Congress does nothing, tax hikes will hit hard a year from now.

Fantastic. December home sales down nearly 17 percent

Missing The Mass Point

Jeffrey Sachs: O's Jumping From Stimulus To Freezing A "Dereliction Of Duty"

Broke? Blame The Government. The private financial system didn't cause the recession.

Pork Report, January 25, 2009: Viking Edition

The Pork Report, January 26, 2009: Atlantic City Edition

Chuck Norris is speaking - State of the Union Grade: F

Obama's Empty Cost-Containment Rhetoric: Should We Call Him Out on It?

Obama’s Phony Freeze

NY Fed Wanted National Security Exemption for AIG AND U.S. bailout watchdog probes NY Fed on AIG disclosure

Time to Bring the Federal Reserve to Heel

Despite court ruling, Congress can still limit campaign finance

Getting the TARP Tax Wrong. The tax is neither fair nor useful.

The Last Refuge of Big-Spending Politicians

Rap and Economics: Who Knew They Would Go Together So Well!
Must See TV. This is Awesome! "Fear the Boom and Bust" a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem

Cramer Rips Obama's 'Lurch Toward Populism'. 'Mad Money' host says president's 'anti-shareholder rampage' riskiest time for investors since Carter administration

Predicted Unemployment

Figures on government spending and debt

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