Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Message of the Morning

This was posted by George Weigel over at NRO and I thought it funny enough to repost in full.
Copenhagen (2x), Virginia, New Jersey, Massachusetts....

...and now Kentucky:

(1) Tuesday morning: Undefeated Kentucky is #1 in NCAA men's hoops.

(2) Later Tuesday: President Obama calls Kentucky coach Calipari, shmoozes super-freshman John Wall, and thanks the team for its Haiti relief fundraising.

(3) Tuesday night: Kentucky suffers its first loss of the season, to unranked South Carolina.

MEMO to Saints and Colts: Decline all phone calls from White House switchboard.


  1. Great job Kentucky on coming up with that fundraising idea! Haiti could really use every dollar that was raised. Recovering from a catastrophic event like the earthquake will take several months, if not years.

  2. Excellent point about the fundraising but the Obama-jinx still bites.