Saturday, October 31, 2009

Random Round-Up 10-31 Part One

HOORAY!!BREAKING: Scozzafava suspends NY 23 campaign AND Hoffman Speaks On Dede Dropout, Siena Poll

In other election news - Man who claimed to be with Corzine's re-election campaign arrested on drug charges

And The CNN Winners Are… (these are hilarious!)

Dr. Ron Paul calls Obama's H1N1 swine flu program a 'total failure' But the running of all Americans' healthcare via that same government, that will work out just fine.

A 1,990-Page Medical Monstrosity AND Masterfleece Theater

Path clears for House to OK compromise health bill

The Pelosi-Reid train wreck

Eye opening videos about how Democrats view reform

Pelosi Health Care Bill Blows a Kiss to Trial Lawyers

Republicans Are Offering Better Solutions to Lower Health Care Costs

High-stakes healthcare

Government Still Trying to Take Over Health Care


Memo: It's officially safe to criticize Barack Obama.

Flu Shot Shortage Shows Government Incompetence

Dozens of House members scrutinized, report shows

Newly disclosed emails link White House directly to NEA politicalization scandal AND Surprise! 'Kumar' in the Middle of NEA Scandal

ACORN Video Creates New Conservative Star AND AG opens probe into ACORN video flap

Too Small to Lead AND Breaking Promises

He Came, He Saw, He Kowtowed

To surge, or not to surge

Getting Radical

Obama Administration Invokes State Secrets Privilege…Again

A Tip On Using the White House Visitor Logs, Just Posted AND Obama names 110 White House visitors - Most guests still hidden
Iowahawk Endorses

Councilwoman Karin Uhlich apologizes to Tea Partiers for sexual slander. Good.

Falling fertility. This is not necessarily a bad thing when fertility falls due to rising income rather than the eugenic-like proposals environmentalists suggest. (Bonus, rising income = falling fertility wipes those enviro proposals off the board. Too bad the jokers at the Economist still feel compelled to bang that drum.) AND Exaggerated claims undermine drive to cut emissions, scientists warn.

Boeing Heads South For Better Business Climate: Washington State Politicians Are Surprised?

he Great Depression And The Great Recession

What Do You Mean the Federal First-Time Home-Buyer Tax Credit Attracts Fraud?

Seriously, Stop Worrying About Hyperinflation

Pork Report October 30, 2009: A Caboose To Nowhere Edition

TIGTA: IRS Is Not Properly Monitoring $34b of Contracts

Politicians Fiddle While America’s Corporate Tax System Burns

Taxing the Middle Class with Soda Taxes

The Economy is Growing. Right. And I Don’t Have a French Accent.

Shariah and "Marriage"

Why This Liberal Democrat Wants Corzine to Lose

I'm a wimp and don't watch scary movies (weirdly I can handle pscho-dramas like Henry, Portrait of a Seriel Killer) but my husband like 'em so here - The 100 Top Horror Movies of All Time from
Hollywood Comrades. Why the Soviets were such lovable movie villains.

Europe’s Selective Outrage about Anti-Semitism

More Conservatives, But No Republicans

Olympics Committee or Athletic Nanny State?

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