Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random Round-Up 10-27

The flotsam and jetsom I couldn't round-up earlier....
Go here to check out the Carbon Criminals!

Senate Dems short votes for health bill _ for now. Here's to shortness.

Obamanomics Is Not the 'Change' We Need. Obama's Robin Hood theory of economics will set us back at least 20 years for every year he serves in office

Senate Passes Blame By Vote Of 91-8

The United Nations Is Outraged Again, Or: Department of Mideast Static

This Day in American History...

Government Insurance Plan Will Dominate Market, Senate Republicans Warn. As liberal Democrats cheered the inclusion of a government health insurance plan in the Senate bill, Republicans warned that new taxes on insurers will lead to a rise in private plan premiums. As a result, they predicted the government plan will have an unfair price advantage in the marketplace, potentially drawing millions into it whether the customers want it or not.

Reporter In Helicopter Pretty Sure Landslide Down There Somewhere

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