Friday, October 30, 2009

Corruption Daily Round-Up 10-30

Democrats Ask New Jersey Secretary of State to Ignore Mismatched Signatures on Absentee-Ballot Requests. WHAT?!? AND Voter Fraud in New Jersey

Speaking of voter fraud. More Census: While Dems Block Citizenship Question, the Mexican Government Urges Mexicans To Participate.

A Two-fer - Obamacare issue AND corrupt-thinking. At key moment, Obama leaves health post unfilled.

Three Envelopes. Actually there's lots of stuff Obama is leaving unfulfilled.

ObamAmerica: Reign of the Czars AND The Pay Czar Is Unconstitutional. Kenneth Feinberg hasn't been confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

Apparently there is one way to get into Obama's administration - The Chicago way. Top Obama fundraisers get posts.

Taxpayer-Funded Research Helps Congressmen Become More Popular. Yup, that's exactly how I want my tax dollars used.

7 on defense panel scrutinized. Separate probes focus on ties to lobbying firm founded by Hill aide AND Dozens in Congress under ethics inquiry AND Ethics panel starts probes of 2 Dems, gets hacked

Net Neutrality For Campaign Donors's Nanny of the Month for October 2009

The White House Stupidly Goes To War With Car Web Site What can I say? They're dumbasses.

Now if they only had a brain. The Straw Men of the Left

Jeb Bush: Obama trying to 'attack capitalism'

He's a class act that Holder. Attorney General Eric Holder Tries to Kill a TV ad for School Vouchers.

A Self-Sacrificing Soldier, a Self-Interested President

The Obama White House: Bundlers' Paradise

We're Governed by Callous Children

New Hampshire Spends Stimulus Money on Arts Programs


Gasparino Skewers Government Policy As a Major Contributor to the Financial Crisis

I loved this scene from Coupling (didn't care for the series itself overall though) when I first saw it on BBC America.

Government Takeover of Charities Next

Fair Justice.

Senator Alexander: Obama's Enemies List & How Not to Make Friends in Washington

Obama's Man at the NEA

We Are Living in an Ayn Rand Novel

Thomas Sowell - Dismantling America: Part II

President Obama has had only a minimal impact on race relations

Who's Pulling Obama's Strings? Is a new narrative starting to build? Is David Axelrod beginning to emerge as Geppetto to President Obama’s Pinocchio?

Time Inc. Pink Slips. It's pink-slip Time 6% of workforce to be gone by Thanksgiving

New CNN Slogans Cheap
CNN: We Report, You Turn On FoxNews To Find Out What Really Happened
CNN: Where Glenn Beck Used To Work
CNN: The Most Trusted Name In Sniggering Denigrations of Normal Americans
CNN: Because No News Is Good News
CNN: The President Likes Us; He Really, Really Likes Us
And there's more.
These Are the Times That Try Men’s Blogging Souls

Why Liberal Journalists are Joining the Obama Administration’s Attack on Fox News

About damn time. Democrat defends Fox News

Gray Lady Sings the Blues: NY Times Leads Newspapers in Death Spiral

Is Dissent ‘Legitimate’? Not According to Campaign Finance Laws

Why Did You Bypass These Juicy ACORN Nuggets?

TV's Increasing Female Body Count

Bertha Lewis and the Campaign to DeFox America

Alleged Corruption In Obama’s Working Families Party: ‘Inside The DFS Experience’

NUTBUSTERZ Launched To Expose Working Families Party/ACORN Scam

How about FOREVER with no federal funds? ACORN – 50 More Days Without Federal Funds This isn't going away and if you don't kill ACORN, your political career won't look so healthy in 2010.

Big Labor’s Selfish Healthcare Motivation Another two-fer, bad Obamacare decisions coupled with all the honesty Big Labor brings.

Why You Should Care About CAIR….

C-SPAN Video of my husband's Senate testimony. Senate Environment Cmte. Hearing on Climate Bill - Day 3 He comes in at 18:15. (I love him!) And by the way Boxer is spectacularly wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

My husband's Testimony at the Legislative Hearing on the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act

Cap 'n Trade Update AND Cap-n-Trade Update Part II

AstroTurfing and Global Warming: The Testimony You’re Not Supposed to Hear

Senior House Democrat questions role of White House in EPA chemical testing

Terrific - Obama's State Department just forced a democracy to re-install a thief and thug. Outrgeous, wrong, and despicable. Honduran government caves into US pressure, agrees to Zelaya’s restitution. AND Deal Reached in Honduras to Restore Ousted President

Takes one to know one. Gore Vidal: Thirteen-year-old Roman Polanski rape victim was a 'hooker'

Here's Some Real Hate Speech for You

Dem Yankees: Taking the Obama-rometer to the Sidewalks of New York

Open Season on Jews: Two Men Shot At Prayer in Los Angeles

Another Nail in the Coffin of Russian Democracy

The Turks, the Supreme Leader, and the Iranian people

Democracy is Shrinking in DC

New York 23: When a Nation Calls I was inspired and slightly moved to tears by Mr. Hennessey's description of the power of the TEA Party movement. Thank you sir.

Tea Parties Strike Back Edition

Hoffman, Owens, Scozzafava Debate AND GayPatriot endorses Hoffman - Doug Hoffman for Congress AND Pataki endorses Hoffman AND more here.

Virginia GOP Poised for Big Comeback From your lips to God's ears please. AND Too small to lead

Governor’s Race Neck and Neck in High Tax New Jersey. Go Christie Go! AND Chris Christie: 'Man up and say I'm fat'

Pew Political IQ Poll: Republicans Consistently More Knowledgeable. Now tell me something I don't know.


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