Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just A Few More

Night of the Living Government ... DC Zombies Will Tax You To Death!!

GOP on health care: In 568 words, what's wrong with 1,990 pages I like the ideas contained in those 568 words a whole lot better than anything in Obamacare's 1,990 pages.

Dede Dumps Herself *UPDATES BELOW An excellent round-up and defense of the Dump Dede/Support Hoffman movement in NY23

‘Truth to Power’ The truth is the Obama administration is the power.

Jerry Brown Must Fire Flack Who Secretly Taped Reporters. AND original CalBuzz story here.

Right-wing women rock. Looking at the shoes tells a lot about a female's political persuasion.

No need for transparency. Senator Harry Reid’s Vapor Bill

The Pelosi Plan ... and the Swine Flu Democrats.

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