Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 10-27

57% Say Health Care Plan Will Increase Costs, 53% Say It Will Reduce Quality of Care, 45% Favor Passage
They are willing to lie to you in order to control your vote. Dem health scare's 'phantom' menace.

Senate health care bill to include public option. Could Reid be trying to sabotage the whole reform effort, if so then good. Read further into the article to see how House Democrats are trying to change the name from public option as if a "better" name makes an awful idea any more palatable (and also reveals exactly how dumb they think we are). Perhaps this article makes sense of it all - Harry Reid, shopping for reelection insurance

Why Won't the Public Option Die?

This is why my 2004 Presidental vote was my write-in for Joe Lieberman and Zel Miller. Lieberman says he'll filibuster Reid plan. Bless you Senator Lieberman.

Senate moderates voice concern over public option

Michigan Democrat Leads Effort to Strip Abortion Exemption From Health Care Bill. Rep. Bart Stupak tells Fox News he's rounded up the support of 40 Democrats to support a procedural motion allowing him to insert language into the health care reform bill prohibiting federal funding from paying for abortions.

Health care issues: Penalties for no insurance

Pelosi: Public Option Needs a New Name.

Why Does the "Public Option" Have to Lower Costs?

The Opt-Out Cop Out. AND The Public Option 'Opt-Out' AND Opt-Out

How the Media Has Failed America on Healthcare Reform–Part I

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