Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Big Brother BS

A friend writes on Facebook that she was glad Dallas beat the Redskins.

In her comment box, I wrote "BLASPHEMY ;P" and Facebook erased it!

So I thought weird and I wrote "HERESY ;p" and Facebook erased it!

I then wrote "WTF? I tried to write two non-obscene words that have a religious context and Facebook just erased them. Talk about Big Brother BS."

And my friend responded almost immediately with, "It said you commented like 4 times, with nothing there...=) Wonder what's next to be censored?? Fox news! Tombstones! =)"

That pretty much sums it up. I can't write a word with religious overtones on Facebook without them arbitrarily deleting it - no complaint from my friend because she never got the chance to see it. A little friendly football rivalry/teasing and Facebook shuts it down.

Is free speech in America seriously this threatened?

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  1. I found this post intriguing, so I asked my wife to post something on FB that I would disagree with. I responded BLASPHEMY!, and that response is still there the next day. Perhaps your experience had to do with FB's software quirks, or perhaps it was the content. What my wife said ("Baltimore Blue Crab is too much work for too little reward.") truly is blasphemy, while what you responded to (someone celebrating a loss by the despicable Foreskins) is something that all right thinking Americans agree with. :p