Monday, October 26, 2009

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 10-26

It doesn't need a "better name" you dried up old prune. YOU need better ideas like tort reform and cleaning up the fraud in the OTHER government-run healthcare plans. ARRGH! Pelosi: Health care 'public option' needs new name.

In Massachusetts, Obama won't promote state's health-care plan. Gee I wonder why?

Exposing medicare fraud! "We caution that this may raise your blood pressure." The government has run Medicare for decades and it is riddled with fraud but that will all change when we give the government control of our bodies?

$60 Billion Fraud: ‘60 Minutes’ Investigates Medicare/Medicaid Billing Scam

Anther government-run healthcare failure. Gates: injured troops face too much bureaucracy

Insurance Mandates a 'A Disincentive to Earn More'

Senate on Verge of Health Bill With 'Public' Plan. Measure with stiffer penalties on employers and government-run option could come this week

Crowds wait for flu shots AND Priceless. Protest Breaks Out at Massive Wisconsin Flu Shot Line AND In Oakland County MI, Thousands Line Up For H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine, Some In Line 11 Hours! AND From the people who brought us the swine flu vaccine shortage - Government-run health care! UPDATED

New Rule: Back Up Your Health-Insurance Horror Story

Clock ticking on Democrats' health care reform

FACT CHECK: Health Insurers' Profits Not So Fat. Democrats have criticized insurance companies as rapacious profiteers, but health insurance profits are not too fruitful compared with other forms of insurance and a broad array of industries.

The Health Care Fatal Conceit

More voters are souring on health ‘reform’

Reid to announce push for public option AND Reid to Announce ‘Opt-Out’ Public Plan Today

AFL-CIO head flexible on taxing high-value plans

Health Cooperatives Are Not the Answer

FACT CHECK: Health insurers' profits 35th of 53

Senate likely to cut employer mandate

Tea Party Rallies Against Health Care Bills

Baucus Bill Is a Cure Worse than the Disease

When Government Gets Science Wrong

Big Brother Is Watching Your Weight. Your tax dollars at work, penalizing fat people. Just who decides who is fat?

How an Insurance Mandate Could Leave Many Worse Off

Patrick Kennedy Makes a Mess of Social Justice

Former CBO Director: Democrats' Health Care Budgeting is a Fantasy

Making someone else pay

Where Credit Is Due

Lies My Congressman Told Me

Why Government Health Care Keeps Falling in the Polls. The health-care debate is part of a larger moral struggle over the free-enterprise system.

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