Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Corruption Daily Round-Up 10-27

Community Organizing with Barack, ACORN and SEIU: An Eyewitness Account, Part I

It's the Chicago way. Rats! City to Pay for Informing on Tax Cheats

PJTV Salutes Mr. Really In Your Face Earmarker

Tax refugees staging escape from New York. Gee, I wonder why? And hemorrhaging the wealthy makes tax revenues plummet even faster. Smooth Move, New York.

Democrats' Policies Based on Dogma, Hopes, Dreams, not Reality

Fla. Democrat calls Fed adviser "K Street whore". Stay Classy Grayson, stay classy. Obama Praises Rep. Grayson as "Outstanding Legislator" Looks like Obama is as classy as Grayson.

From Pravda(!): America Moving from Kingdom of Cash to Socialism Slowly but Surely At least, they get to call it socialism.

Frank: "We Are Trying On Every Front To Increase The Role Of Government". What a turd.

Something really scary for Obama's Democrats. Sadly for democracy, what's scaring the Democrats is their constituencies.

When Chuck Norris speaks the whole world must listen. Obama's One-World Government

Hair of the Dog: Obama's Brand New War on Small Business, Healthcare, and the Free Press

From Thomas Sowell (a VERY smart man) - Dismantling America

They are willing to lie to you in order to control your vote. Dem health scare's 'phantom' menace.

Probably not their brightest move. NY-23: DCCC Goes After Palin Afterall, the woman has proven she can take a hit or two. AND Endorses Hoffman, MSM Rewrites History, a Petty Nation

Video: Glenn Beck goes all in for Doug Hoffman — and third parties

Things are looking up in NJ too. Election 2009: New Jersey Governor: Christie 46%, Corzine 43%

Some other folks better smarten up too. 5 Messages for 'Elite' Republicans AND A Conservative Earthquake, in New York and Beyond

The there is this out of Florida...

Newt, Sarah and a New GOP AND Conservatives Don't Need A Leader AND Will Martha Get the Sarah Treatment?

If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Do You Support Hoffman in NY-23? Have You Attended a Tea Party? Did You Vote for Sarah Palin for Veep?

Roland Burris Has a Lot of Questions About How the Federal Government Works. Interestingly, I have a lot of questions about Burris.

The Post-Gracious President. Whenever he must make a difficult decision, Mr. Obama complains it's Bush's fault. Obama was never gracious - he especially liked to be rude to women (Hilary and Palin) and our closest allies (but even during the campaign he threw people under the bus left, right, and center. Graciousness was never a word you could link to Obama.

Spinning Out Of Control: Honor Killings and Media Bias I think they are more scared than biased.

Anatomy of a Disaster: Newspaper Circulation Drop Accelerates April-Sept.

That Unhinged Florida Reporter: Act II

CNN Drops to Last Place Among Cable News Networks AND CNN’s numbers drop 68% in prime to last place

New movie takes aim at celebrity journalism

How the Media Has Failed America on Healthcare Reform–Part I

Obama's War on Fox Is Liberalism's War on Dissent

“It’s hard to kill the press, but it is not hard to chill it”

Is Union Priority A Dunn Deal For Obama?

Will Congress' defunding of ACORN expire Saturday? I think the real question is, What will Congress do if it does?

Taking a Crack at ACORN

ACORN, former official due in court in Nevada case

Solidarity Schmolidarity: Teacher Larry Sand Exposes His Union

Community Organizing with Barack, ACORN and SEIU: An Eyewitness Account, Part I


Green world government. The U.N. uses environmentalism to seize control. And that my friends is why it is bad.

My husband will be testifying before the Senate this week on this subject. Senate hearing kicks off climate bill.

Here a post on NRO about an article my husband wrote with a colleague titled, "Smart Grid, Dumb Idea" that is in the current edition of National Review (the version on dead trees).

Obama putting $3.4B toward a 'smart' power grid. Few people realize that one of the things a "smart" grid does is control your home's thermostat. So if the power company decides you are using, say, too much heating energy, they will remotely lower your heat whether you want it lowered or not.

EnvironMENTAL Illness!

Climate chief Lord Stern: give up meat to save the planet. You first. (I like how this article references this man as the author of the "influential" Stern Report instead of the more accurate author of the "discredited" Stern Report.

UN signals delay in climate change treaty. Ummm, change delay to cancellation and I'm all yours.

What’s It All About, Albert?

Eco-Nuts Out to Destroy Life As We Know It. While Al Qaeda and eco-nuts use different tactics, they share a similar enemy: civilization.

“Cities Are Probably the Greenest Thing That Humans Do.”

Book Excerpt: “Speech-Less: Tales of a White House Survivor”

Let's go to the videotape

Honduras leader's nephew killed

Feminists Psychoanalyze Themselves Again

British Bishop Fined for Denying Holocaust in TV Interview AND British National Party Gains Further After BBC’s Question Time Fiasco. What the hell is happening in England?!?

Not sure what to make of this A Modest Proposal attempt. Progressive Protein Milkshakes

Biden's missile-defense missteps. Did anyone ever believe Biden was good at foreign policy?

Russia’s Strategy of Manipulation


This is why my 2004 Presidental vote was my write-in for Joe Lieberman and Zel Miller. Lieberman says he'll filibuster Reid plan. Bless you Senator Lieberman.

Fred Thompson Stars in Ad for Conservative House Candidate

Feminists Jealous of Sarah's Rise. They're jealous of a lot of things.

If it keeps my kids safe, I'm all for it. 'Little Buddy' GPS device keeps tabs on your kid. It's a device to keep in kids backpacks/lunch boxes. Personally, I want to embed one of those gps doggy chips under my kids' skin in order to keep track of them. I'll take it out once they've graduated from college.

Cheney vs. White House on Security

A good time to be a conservative AND Obama's big change: He moves America to the Right. I doubt that was the change Obama intended.

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