Monday, February 14, 2011

Random Round-Up 02-14

President Obama Job Approval

San Diego Port Director Claims WMD Found in U.S.

7 Charged in New York With Conspiring to Aid Taliban

CPAC attendees confront a white nationalist [VIDEO]

Health law is beyond saving AND Republican says HHS should not enforce Obama healthcare law

Report: Syria Jails Blogger, 19, for 5 Years

The Gray Lady’s Ideological Bankruptcy

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Green the Capitol initiative is over at the House's Longworth cafeteria.

White House budget proposal cuts funding for EPA, but GOP wants more

GM hourly workers get $4,000 bonuses AND GM–Government Motors–Giving Enormous Taxpayer Money-Fueled Bonuses

Memories Stronger For Bad Events That Could Recur

Republicans question why Google, Skype were shielded from net neutrality

A rare good thing from Obama's administration- Administration to Push for Small ‘Modular’ Reactors

Obama, climate crank

Days of Rage

Top 1pc of workers pay quarter of all income tax. A quarter of all of Britain's income tax revenues this year will be paid by just one per cent of earners, according to official data

Mexico's Gun Supply and the 90 Percent Myth

Immigration Courts Backlogged

The Future of the Light Bulb Ban

And thank God for it - Are conservative women like Sarah Palin feminists? Phyllis Schlafly says ‘no’

Some questions about the possible sexism of the way the NYT portrays Judy Clarke, the public defender in the Tucson massacre case. Jared Loughner's lawyer has an "unassuming, almost motherly way," the NYT informs us.

Bill Ayers’ Comrade Calls ME a Terrorist?!

Discover the Networks

Think Progress Tries to Ambush* Jesse Watters, Comedy Follows

Take the Politics Out of Race

The president's model WiFi companies don’t use WiFi.

Stanley Kurtz Answers Gayle’s Questions about the Radical-in-Chief. “The socialist scholars conferences Obama attended were essentially C-PAC’s for socialists. If Americans understood that progression as well as they understand its conservative counterpart, Obama would not be president today.”

'Green' Spontaneous Order

Looking forward to the discovery processes on these - Breitbart sued by Shirley Sherrod AND Former USDA Employee Sues Breitbart Over NAACP Video

A Desire Named Streetcar

‘Let’s Move’ Turns One

The special interest driving federal spending? Big Labor

Public-Worker Unions Steel for Budget Fights

It's old but it's also my husband so....
An Inconvenient Truth Keeps People Warm

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