Friday, February 18, 2011

In Economic Woes 02-18

A Clarifying Week

Shut Down the Government

Consumer prices show inflation turning up

The Frugal Dr. Is In

Obama's Louis XV budget

Prognosis: Inflation - Food, Oil and the Government's Printing Presses to Drive Prices Skyward

Cutting Spending Means More, Not Fewer Jobs

Boehner says any stopgap spending bill must trim federal budget further

No Substitute For Saving

In Taiwan - Prosecutors Office vows to crack down on food hoarding

Fannie Mae, wasting taxpayers' money and time

Time to Get Rid of the Corporate Income Tax?


The Return of Stagflation?

The Destruction of Human Capital

Liberals Fight Bipartisan Effort on Social Security

Auto union must look out for companies, too

What Does $3.73 Trillion Buy You These Days?

Obama in Open Defiance of Courts and Constitutionality. AND Federal judge to Salazar: Stop stalling drilling permits

Lessons From Wisconsin: Big Government Handouts Promote Big Dependence

NYC mayor's early budget plan: Cut teaching jobs

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Inflation for Seniors

Many Bucks for Little Bang

Don't Fight the Fed AND Fed, Lately a Friend of Stock Market, May Become a Foe

Three’s Company: NJ, NH and RI Weigh Cigarette Tax CUTS

Responsible Adults Cannot Ignore These Numbers

‘Never, Ever, Ever, Reduces the Debt’

France: Food-Price Rises Fuel Risk of New Riots

Hungry for a Solution to Rising Food Prices. Even if the global agriculture crisis doesn't turn cataclysmic, it represents a massive test

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