Thursday, February 17, 2011

In Economic Woes 02-17

A tax here, a tax there and soon you're talking real money - New ‘Snookie Tax’ Enforcement Agents

It's time to end this addiction to benefits The welfare state must have work at its heart, not endless hand-outs, argues Iain Duncan Smith.

Obamanomics 101: Borrowing to pay debt isn’t debt-debt

Unemployment benefits jump to 410,000

Obama budget plan shows interest owed on national debt quadrupling in next decade

Decline is in the Mind

New claims for unemployment aid rise more than expected

Gallup Finds U.S. Unemployment Up to 10.0% in Mid-February

Is Your Job an Endangered Species? Technology is eating jobs—and not just obvious ones like toll takers and phone operators. Lawyers and doctors are at risk as well.

Pruning Farm Subsidies

Where We’re Going; Where We Come From

Why the GOP Should Welcome a Budget Battle Americans understand the need for spending restraint now.

Puerto Rico's Gov. Fortuno Slashes Deficit

How Goldman Killed A.I.G.

Gulf of Mexico drilling companies push back on Obama’s ‘de facto moratorium’

Our Unsustainable Budget Path

Gov. Christie chides Republicans over entitlement reform

Treasuries - Prices slip on worries over rising inflation

The President’s ‘Budget Is Going to Kill Job Creation in America … It’s Dead, Gone, Over’ in the House

Dodd-Frank bill comes due

Grim Milestone: Failed $862 Billion "Stimulus" Turns Two

FACT CHECK: Economic Policy Institute Analysis of the Continuing Resolution: What’s One More Wildly Inaccurate Prediction?

Consumer choice extinguished with bulb ban

5 Winners from the 2012 Pentagon Budget. As the Pentagon scales back its funding ambitions—asking for $13 billion less in 2012 than they planned—some aviation programs are seeing influxes of cash. The list includes some of the most used, vital equipment in the U.S. inventory.

State legislators get to cast their vote on Gov. Walker's budget repair bill today. How would you vote?

A Deformed Mouse of a Budget Obama’s leaving the hard work to the Republicans.

How public pensions killed progressive California

Illinois can’t avoid big spending cuts

National Debt Video Contest Voting - winners announced soon.

Republicans Propose Cutting Funding for Obama's Teleprompter

Jefferson on Debt

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