Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In Economic Woes 02-15

Obama Budget Doubles National Debt to $26.3 Trillion in 10 Years

The cynical and unrealistic White House budget. Basically, this budget isn't about helping America or Americans but about forcing fiscal conservatives (both democrat and republican) to make the hard decisions so when the howls of fiscal pain rise, Obama can claim he had nothing to do with it. Stinkin' sack of selfish ... In short, Obama is playing politics with both our national fiscal survival and our personal finances for his own personal ego.

Why We Should Reform Entitlement Programs Now

It's a Punt

The President’s budget: whistling past the graveyard

Consumer prices on most goods expected to rise in 2011

Companies Warn That Higher Prices Are Looming

Roubini’s Next Crisis Is Scary Food for Thought

Surging Food Prices Increasing Poverty

Obama is on a regulatory roll: Can Congress stop him?

Licensing Gone Wild: Government Bureaucrats Shut Down 82-Year-Old Barber

Top 5 silliest state tax hikes

Obama's sea of red. Another free-spending budget

The Obama Budget’s Magic Asterisks

Why the Unemployment Rate Has Become a Bad Joke

What Could You Do With $3.73 Trillion?

This Is An Incredible Bear-Market Rally

Wis. town reflects challenge for middle-class rebound

Opinion: Just How Deep Are Those Spending Cuts?

The War on Profit

Big Role for Tax Increases Fuels Criticism From Business Groups

This Is No Way to Win the Future

They all do - Kansas Liquor Laws Need Modernization

If Barney Frank hates it, then it had got to be good - Frank, Dems blast GOP, say cuts will impair Wall Street regulators

China Dumps More US Bonds, UK, Japan Buy More

The 800 Pound Debt Gorilla Looms Larger With President Obama’s Budget

Poll: Americans Unconvinced Economy on Rebound

Obama’s Fake Budget Spending Cuts

The True Cost of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Governorship

Hayek’s Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts in a Recession

China should enjoy its triumph while it lasts. For China finally to have overtaken Japan as the world's second largest economy is a moment more important for its symbolism than its underlying significance.

UK Inflation Surges to 4%, Highest Since Nov. 2008

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