Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Obamacare 02-16

The Ever-More-Desperate Health Care Budget Gimmicks

Oh goody - New Brigade of 1,000 IRS Agents to Enforce First Stage of Obamacare Implementation

In contempt of court and common sense. One solution is for Congress to defund Obamacare now

Healthcare Reform Law Requires New IRS Army Of 1,054

Here's to hoping - Fossella: Supreme Court May Quash Obamacare

Socialism's Trajectory: Obama's HHS Bigger Than LBJ's Government

Obamacare vs. Drug Innovation PhRMA’s quiescence on Obamacare badly hurt the industry — and all those who depend on medical innovation

Meanwhile, In Great Britain...

Yeah, we'll see - Obama starts drive for medical malpractice reforms

Testifying Today Before the House Judiciary Committee

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