Saturday, February 19, 2011

Big Union/Leftie Groups Round-Up 02-19

Wisconsin Updates

FDR's Ghost Is Smiling on Wisconsin's Governor

What's at Stake in Wisconsin's Budget Battle Who's in charge of our political system—voters or unions?


Average MPS Teacher Compensation Tops $100k/year

Obama Offers Tactical Support to Unions in State Budget Battles

FDR vs. Wisconsin Teachers

"Teachers in the midwest (and elsewhere) are rejecting benefit plans that most workers in the private economy would love to have.

WI Gov To Teacher$' Union: "We're Making The Tough Decisions Now!"

Wisconsin governor: If the fugitive Dems don’t come back, I might have to cut funding for their staffs; Update: Assembly forced to recess due to threats

Teacher Resigns After Pleading Guilty to Prostitution

Illinois Home Schooling Bill Tabled -- But Fight Far From Over

Cain: ‘Ground Zero’

Fixed labor game is ending in Wisconsin. More states already are battling union bosses for democracy

Raging Wisconsin

Battle Fuels Wider War Over Labor, Spending

Breitbart: ‘America is going to be community-organized no more’

Wisconsin governor: If the fugitive Dems don’t come back, I might have to cut funding for their staffs. Hey, if they’re gone, who needs a staff?

Obama’s war on democracy. President’s campaign forces seize Wisconsin statehouse

Unions fuel Democratic Party financially

Tea Partiers strike back in Madison

Obama’s Union Involvement ‘Deeply Un-American’

Palin on Wis. Unions: ‘Wrong Fight at Wrong Time’

As Wisconsin Goes, so Goes the Nation

Wisconsin's Blow to Union Power

Governor McDonnell speaks out in support of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Poll: Public unions a hard sell

‘The New Wisconsin Idea’

A Picture Worth 1000 Truths no MSM coverage I have seen is there ANY note that the crowd is "predominantly white".... Why is that?

Obama and unions: Many in labor movement frustrated with president

As the author over at put it, just remember this "protester" is teaching your children. "FOX LIES!!!" Reporter Confronts Disturbing WI Protester

In Wisconsin, it's the unions vs. the people

A Watershed Moment for Public-Sector Unions

'On, Wisconsin!'

‘Winning the Future’ Means Winning in Madison

Wisc Gov Pushes Back Hard Against CBS Host’s Un-Fair Attack

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